• FlyOver Canada

    After being told about this new attraction (not so new anymore) FlyOver Canada at Canada Place in Vancouver for quite sometime, my wife and I finally went to check it out last week on her birthday. Not knowing, really, what to expect - other than it was a movie that shows you Canada... read more

  • Steveston Village Development?

    The idyllic town of Steveston, located at the western tip of Richmond, is the site of what appears to be a battle for the ages: the City Council is facing an invasion of the Borg as they debate what to do with a developer’s plans for an historic district along the waterfront. Yes, the... read more

  • South Surrey Long Boarding Park

    A designated longboarding site is set to open in South Surrey this spring, giving longboarders a safe, off-street place to cruise. The pilot project site will be located on the service access road leading to the running track at the South Surrey Athletic Park. Due to its limited slope and good... read more

  • Why do real estate agents still exist?

    On Tuesday, the quintessentially mainstream American real estate brokerage--Re/Max-- went public . The housing market is hot enough, its initial filing explained, that raising investor cash could launch it into markets around the country it hadn't yet reached. But wait--real estate agents?... read more

  • Why Pay Commission to a REALTOR®

    During my career I have heard many versions of these two questions: "Why should I pay a REALTOR® to sell my property?" and "What do I get in return for the commission I pay?" Many sellers believe that their REALTOR® puts a sign on the lawn, an ad in the newspaper and... read more

  • Demand for REALTORS® is increasing

    You may or may not be aware of this fact, but more people are choosing to use a real estate agent than ever before. In correlation to the increased demand for real estate agents is the so-called democratization of information – the opening of the web, a.k.a. the Google factor, and the... read more