Happy First-time Buyers Make Me Happy

  • testimonialIn this business, there aren't too many better feelings than when you help your clients find that perfect home - especially, their first home! A close second, though, is when your efforts and hard work are recognized in writing.

    I had the pleasure of working with first-time buyers (newlywed Rosa and Josiah) to find their first home. After viewing MANY properties, including offering on and walking away from a property due to a poor inspection, and riding the emotional roller coaster until they just couldn't stomach it any further, it happened. They found their perfect home. The negotiations went well and the Seller and themselves came to an agreement. The hard work we had all put in had finally paid off and there wasn't a second thought about the first home they offered on.

    While moving day was enjoyable (as the smiles were ear-to-ear), my proudest moment was when they invited my wife and I to their house warming party a couple weeks later.

    And then, she wrote me this testimonial

    I can honestly say, I was extremely touched and I continue to wish them the best with their new home.

    Thank you!