Your agent said what?!?!

  • Say what?I was holding an open house recently, during which, I couldn't believe what I was hearing at one point.

    The property was beautifully renovated, it was a gorgeous, sunny, day with blue skies and people were popping in consistently.  Nothing too busy, but just enough that I had people to talk to without feeling like I couldn't give the proper attention to any one group.

    Another real estate agent then came in.  She was there to meet her clients (who were running a bit behind schedule).  No problem.  It was actually nice to see that the agent was there to represent their client.  She was 20+ years in the business and seemed to be quite pleasant to chat to.  Her clients (an elderly couple looking to downsize) then arrived.  The couple took their time going room to room and inspecting/admiring the renovations that had been done - they were immaculate - and overall giving the proper attention I would expect from someone looking for their future home.  They decided that while the home was lovely, the backyard didn't have the exposure they were looking for.  This happens and as agents, we can only do what we can - show properties, listen to feedback, show more properties until the right one fits.  I just assumed they would then be on their way.  However, what happened next, I just couldn't believe.

    The agent and her clients were having a discussion about the property in the next room.  After hearing the feedback, the agent, apparently surprised and/or unhappy that this home didn't quite "tickle their fancy", said to the couple:

    "Well, you folks need to make a decision because I'm not going to waste my time showing you multiple properties."

    From the other room, I could have heard a pin drop.  I was genuinely appalled at what I was hearing.  This, seemingly nice couple, who were sincere in trying to find the home they would live out the rest of their days in, was being told that their agent wouldn't be running them around to show them multiple properties because it would be a waste of her time!!!  My first thought, was that I hope they find a new agent.  My second thought, was how has this woman survived 20+ years in the business?  Which led me to think...maybe they didn't fire her and maybe she has had an endless supply of clients that think this is just how agents do business.

    Let me tell you....IT IS NOT!

    We are living in a day and age where your typical buyer/seller is more informed about the market than they ever have been, have access to more listing information than ever and property prices just seem to keep climbing and yet their are agents out there, such as this woman, who treat their clients like they are still the "keeper of the gold".  Regardless whether you are a "new age" client who is informed, or an elderly couple that hasn't looked at the market in 50 years, agents should be treating you with respect.  There are no returns or refunds on property and it is a big decision - it should be treated as such.  A REALTOR® should be acting in your best interests, at all times, and advise you properly on a variety of things in order for you (the client) to make an informed decision.  If you need to see 100 homes, then do that.  If you can make a decision after seeing just 1, that is up to you.

    So, if you ever have an agent tell you that they don't want you wasting their time you should say "No problem.  I won't waste any of your time" - and then move on to another agent.